Music and Announcements, Thursday, April 20, 1961

This audio was recorded before a sermon at an evening service at the Preaching Mission that took place at the Memorial Gymnasium at East Tennessee State College (now East Tennessee State University) in Johnson City, Tennessee. Hymns led by music leader Dean Jacoby.

Lyrics to "The Mission Song" have been posted to the right, so that you may sing along!


"The Mission Song" (0:00)

"Send the Light" (01:41)

"Glory to His Name" (04:08)

"Nearer My God to Thee" (05:56)

Prayer by J.F. Birchette of Thankful Baptist Church (08:33)

Announcements by Dr. Charles Wofford (10:15)

Decision card explanation by Bill Steele of Munsey Memorial Methodist Church (12:20)

Hymn by East Tennessee State College Choir (14:10)

Please note: In the original audio, the congregation sings "It Is No Secret What God Can Do" at the beginning of the recording, but this has been removed due to copyright restrictions.

Relevant documents from the collection are attached below. These include the 1961 Johnson City Preaching Mission brochure and the order of service from this recording.

Audio, images, and documents courtesy of Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University, Appalachian Preaching Mission Records.