Earl Paulk Jr (1959)

Earl Paulk Jr preaches a sermon at the Appalachian Preaching Mission on Friday, February 13, 1959. Paulk argues that mankind's sinful nature has caused wretchedness in the world, and trusting in Jesus can erase our sinful nature and wretchedness.

Paulk was founder and pastor of the Pentecostal church the Cathedral at Chapel Hill in Decatur, Georgia. He was also known for promoting racial desegregation in church congregations.

In the sermon, Paulk references Romans 7:24-25 and Romans 14.

Relevant documents attached below include a letter to Earl Paulk explaining decision cards, 1959 decision card statistics, and the 1959 Johnson City Appalachian Preaching Mission brochure.

Audio, images, and documents courtesy of Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University, Appalachian Preaching Mission Records.