Leon H. Sullivan (1963)

Leon H. Sullivan preaches at the Appalachian Preaching Mission (APM) on Wednesday, February 13, 1963. Sullivan speaks on how the power of God can transform people's lives, including how a group of troublemakers in a rough Philadelphia neighborhood were transformed into a group of upstanding citizens. Preceding the sermon, the choir sings "Father Omnipotent."

Sullivan was pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He was also a notable civil rights leader and social activist.

In the sermon, Sullivan references Mark 9:23.

Relevant documents attached below include the order of service from the night of this sermon and the 1963 Johnson City Appalachian Preaching Mission brochure.

Audio, images, and documents courtesy of Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University, Appalachian Preaching Mission Records.